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Brain Fitness Class Handout:

This class presentation from Brain Fitness Class teaches about cognitive resernve, we explore a new memory list and how to memorize it effectively and a Brain Fitness routine to promote joy and kindness to self. 

Brain Fitness Class Handout: New Memory list, Joy Routine

This class presentation from Brain Fitness Class teaches about strategies to memorize, we learn a new memory list to test our memory for the next few months and we finish with a Brain Fitness routine for joyful kindness to our SELF. 

Brain Fitness Class Handout: Vagus Nerve, Gut and Mouth Microbiome

This class presentation from Brain Fitness Class teaches about the  connection between the gut health, mouth health, the bacteria that lives there and how it can affect our brain and risk for memory loss. 

Letting Go Class Handout: Behaviour Patterns

This class presentation from Letting Go Class teaches us about behaviour patterns to look out for in our lives and how to start to let go of the ones that aren't serving us.

Letting Go Class Handout: Radical Selfcare

This class presentation from Letting Go Class teaches us the concept of RADICAL SELFCARE.  It tells us that selfcare is not indulgent but a necessary part of life. Learn the different types of selfcare and strategies to practice them. 

Mindfulness Handout: The Box Breath

Use the box breath to help with focus, being present in the moment and to ease worry and anxiety. 

Mindfulness Handout: Thankful for my Body Meditation Script

We are usually pretty good at picking out all the things about our bodies that we don't like.   But our bodies are actually pretty amazing! . This meditation is designed to guide you to practice showing your body appreciation for all it does by becoming more aware and appreciating every part that contributes to our abundant human experience.

Mindfulness Handout: The Emptying Breath

Use the emptying breath to calm your sympathetic nervous system and relieve anxious energy.

Mindfulness Handout: The Falling Breath

Use the falling breath to release physical tensions in the body and stimulate the vagus nerve. 

Mindset: Regenerative Principles Cards

Learn what the regenerative principles are and how they can help guide your actions, attitudes and behaviours towards greater connection with your SELF and the relationships around you. This deck of cards is a creative tool to help you shift your mindset, find new perspective and look at problems from a solutions based approach.  

Recipe: Healthy Fudge

Try this easy fudge recipe that has good fat, low sugar and protein.  It's great for recovery from a Fitness in 15 class or even for breakfast with your tea or coffee! 

Recipe: Sugar Free Chocolate Muffins

This snack is high in fibre, protein and has no sugar!  

Wonder Words: 1-Page Handout

Print off this page with all the WONDER WORDS and put it somewhere you will see if everyday.  Eventually the words will become a natural part of your vocabulary! 

Wonder Words: Colouring Book

Did you know there are specific words that have been proven to motivate our brains to take action?  They are called the WONDER WORDS.  Did you also know that colouring is one the best ways to program the brain to remember?  Use this colouring book with the wonder words to easily program them into your everyday vocabulary.