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The Recreo Mission

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At Recreo, our Mission is to recreate and realign the way hustling humans experience health & joy in their lives by providing fun, realistic and proven strategies that give long lasting and impactful results.  

We endeavour to build a planet full of humans with healthy minds, brains, bodies, connections and communities.

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Upcoming Live Zoom Workshops

Engage at Any Age: Brain Fitness Class

1 hr virtual group class $8

Mondays 3:00 PM EST

Smart Selfcare Series

1 hr virtual workshop $7

 Wednesdays 4 PM EST

Growing Wellness Cafe

1 hour virtual gathering FREE

Thursdays 2:00 PM EST

Letting Go Meditation Class

 1 hr virtual group class $5

Fridays 6:00 PM EST


Elevate your Human Experience

We understand that making change isn't a one-step solution. Recreo has created multiple pathways for you to begin implementing change - explore a path that's right for you.


Online Academy

Courses designed with intention so that you can live the life of health and happiness you deserve. 


Virtual One-on-One Coaching

Physical, emotional, or mindful personalized coaching to shift your perspective in a safe virtual environment.


Book Speaking and Live Workshops

Virtual workshops work with the needs of your group to create a culture of support for health & teamwork.

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Resource Library

Check out our online resource library with complimentary offerings to elevate and evolve your human experience.

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Our Founder

Victoria Burcea

Recreo was born when I recognized a consistent & worrying pattern in myself, my co-workers, friends and clients coming to me for coaching. Overwhelm & burnout were both recurring factors that ultimately led to noticeably declining health; physically, mentally & emotionally. After experiencing my own challenges with anxiety and mental health, I decided to use my degree in Health and Wellness, my certifications in mindset & wellness coaching, nutrition, fitness, brain fitness, motivational speaking and my experience as an internationally decorated rowing coxswain to create positive change.


 I created Recreo because I love working with busy people who are struggling with overwhelm and finding joy because I struggled with the same issues.  Let me tell you a little bit more about small changes I made that added up to big transformation in my life.

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