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Online Physical, Emotional, and Brain Wellness Programs for
Women 40+.

Welcome to My Recreo Wellness, a place that empowers you to create a deeper connection to yourself, your health, and your human experience.

Your wellness journey starts here, in your own home.  Everything you need is right here!

With a variety of physical, emotional, and brain wellness classes and resources, My Recreo, helps you to build healthy habits, practice better mindsets and enjoy a more connected and joyful lifestyle.

We understand that making change isn't a one-step solution. Your lived experience is unique to you and because of that, we don't believe in cookie-cutter programs.   My Recreo has created multiple pathways for you to easily begin implementing change.

  • Explore and discover live Zoom wellness classes through our membership: Brain Fitness, Fitness in 15, Letting Go Discussion & Meditation, and more! 

  • Listen to the Let's Relieve Regret Podcast

  • Watch our Motivational Monday livestream in our private Facebook Community Group

  • Discover 1:1 coaching for a truly personalized experience

Together we can create a blueprint of tools and strategies that are right for you and easily fit into your life.


Live Classes on Zoom

Classes designed with intention so that you can live the life of health and happiness you deserve. Miss a class? No problem, view the class replay in our video library.


Virtual One-on-One Coaching

Whether you are looking for goal setting, a personalized mindfulness practice, or personal training, each membership comes with coaching to build healthy habits and define boundaries and goals in a safe virtual environment.

Printable Downloads & Video Library

A video library full of workouts, meditations, and the Let's Relieve Regret Podcast! Or check out the printable download library full of mindfulness colouring sheets, journalling pages, motivational cards, and more.

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Worry-Free & Joyful Living Community 

A private Facebook Group where you can interact with other members of the community.  Get support, share a cause for applause and feel connected in safe space.

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Your membership includes:

What Participants are Saying

Bev from Edmonton

Victoria changed my life! Her depth and breadth of knowledge, plus her personable and compassionate manner make learning fun and easy. Even complicated topics like neuroscience and reprogramming habits! 


Whether you are looking to improve mental acuity, physical fitness, or emotional balance, you cannot go wrong with 1:1 Wellness Coaching. I'm a happier and healthier person because of her.

Give it a try.  I can't recommend it enough!

Catherine from Toronto

Victoria's programs changed my life. I am living a fuller life and I feel like I'm embodying my true self. I can't say enough good things about her knowledge, process and positive energy.

Alyson from Peterborough

With so much information today it is hard to figure out what is real or fake and to just make sense of it all.  My Recreo helps simplify wellness so that I can make better life choices I am confident about.

Velia from Alberta

When the pandemic put my life on pause I was happy to discover My Recreo online classes and memership.  Victoria showed me how easy it is to practice self-care.   Victoria is very inspiring and she has been a great influence in my life. Her knowledge is deep and further enhanced by her own personal experiences and her infectious laugh.  I always come away with something new, valuable, and practical after each of her classes.  

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The Recreo Mission

recreo   .   revive   .   regenerate   .   recreate

Recreo is the Latin word for regenerate. At Recreo, we believe that you can change and regenerate your life at any age or stage.  Our Mission is to realign the way our participants experience wellness & joy in their lives by providing realistic and proven strategies that give long-lasting and impactful results.  Because we all deserve to live our lives with less worry and more joy & fulfillment.

We endeavor to create community and by providing an online space for people to learn, grow and connect authentically as they age. 

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Membership Class Descriptions

Engage at Any Age: Brain Fitness Class

  • Improve memory and decrease brain fog!

  • Enjoy gentle movement, brain fitness exercises and awareness education to support greater executive and cognitive function.

Letting Go Meditation Class

  • Let go of past hurts. Let go of old grudges, self-doubt, guilt and regrets.

  • Be guided through a visualization that will allow you to experience a sense of freedom and peace by the end of the class.

Motivational Monday

  • A weekly meeting to discuss and learn about strategies to relieve worry and practice more joy in your everyday.

  • Feel connected and supported in a safe community discussion.

Fitness in Fifteen

  • Fitness isn't about how long you do it, it's about efficiency and fun!

  • Improve muscle strength, bone health, and cardio endurance in these science-backed 15-minute workouts. All levels welcome! 

Simply Strength Bootcamp

  • This class for active agers focuses on strengthening the whole body using hand weights and bodyweight.

  • Strengthen and tone as you develop core control, muscle endurance and flexibility.

Growing Wellness Cafe

  • If you enjoy watching birds, appreciate flowers and trees, or have a houseplant, this is the place for you. No previous experience or knowledge is required. 

  • We introduce a nature theme and include a little poetry, art, and group discussion. You’ll leave with tips and ideas for activities you can easily try at home.

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Our Founder
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Our Founder

Victoria Muir-Burcea



Victoria has been working with clients, communities, families, and workplaces for over 20 years and has helped thousands of individuals and groups learn and experience the benefits of whole wellness focusing on body, brain, and emotional health.  She has won several awards from the Ministry of Health Promotion and the City of Toronto for her work in community engagement and innovative wellness programming.

Her mission as a coach is to guide you through this human experience and empower you to easily create healthy habits so that you can grow and evolve with each new chapter of your life.

Victoria started MY RECREO, on the idea that we have many chapters in our lives and we need support to create the changes we need to thrive.  You are not obligated to be the same person you were a year or even a day ago and you deserve to live joyfully without regret or worry.  Victoria believes that with the right tools and support for your physical, emotional, and brain health, you can naturally feel empowered joy every day.   Her passion is to help her clients find the right supports and tools to live with satisfaction and fulfillment daily.


Victoria holds a degree in Health from Queens University and is a life coach, nutrition & wellness specialist, personal trainer, and award-winning community wellness advocate. She loves to garden, read with her book club of 15 years, and is an international champion and decorated competitive masters rowing coxswain. Victoria lives in the Beaches in Toronto with her husband, of 17 years, Cristian and their Cat Olivia. 

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