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Speaking and Workshops

Your workplace, your team, your group is a community.  

Recreo specializes in building community through resilience based programming.  We come to you! Our on-site facilitators empower & inspire your team to build healthy, supportive cultures.  Make an investment in  the health & wellness of your community with one of our workshops and watch the magic happen.


Our Most Popular Workshops

Our onsite workshops work with the needs of your group to create a culture of support, positive mindset & teamwork.

Contact us. We will work with you to choose workshop topics that will enrich & empower your team.

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Secret hacks of

the Mason Jar

Quick and tasty ways to stay healthy all week.

  • How to make 1 weeks worth of lunches in less than 15 minutes.

  • How food can stay fresh for 7 days.

  • Learn to pack a nutritional punch into your meals.

  • Participants will each make a mason jar meal to take home with them.

  • Mason jars, Food and handouts included.

  • Learn how to create a lunch club within the workplace.

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Learn to Burn

Make fitness fun and sustainable when you're tight on time!

  • Learn how to burn 350 calories in 4 minutes. For real, it's science based!

  • Efficient fitness routines under 10 minutes that are equal to a 1 hour workout.

  • Kid friendly.

  • No equipment needed.

  • Learn how to create a fitness challenge club in the workplace.

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The Power of Positivity

Reframing your brain towards positive action and healthy habits.

  • Train your brain through mindset coaching to break unhealthy behaviour and form healthier habits.

  • Learn 5 daily habits that take less than 10 minutes and create big change in your life.

  • Includes a personalized workbook with hands on goal setting & brain-change activities, self-esteem boosters, affirmations and other simple self-care ideas.

  • Walk away from this workshop with all the skills you need to create big change in your life.

Other Available Workshops

Contact us directly for options and to see if

we provide service in your area.

  • Smoothies versus Juicing. What's the Real Deal?

  • The UGLY Truth About Sugar – How it affects our weight, mood, body and brain. Crush your sugar cravings.

  •  How to Detox without Depriving Yourself.

  • Sugar-Free Dessert Hacks.

  •  There is No Such Thing as Multi-tasking. Stressed? How to be present and more effective.

  •  The Power of Letting Go – How to let go of the past, move forward and live the life of your dreams.

  • Chicken Noodle Games - kid friendly games using rubber chicken and pool noodle.

  • Time for Team! Community building group challenges.

  • Brain Fitness - Optimize brain potential, reduce stress, increase brain agility.

  • Make It Real - the art of goal setting and accountability.

  • At The End of The Day - Breath and Sleep Habits.