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Speaking and Workshops

Workplaces, Teams, and Social Groups are valuable communities and vital to our ability to stay connected to each other and the world.  

Recreo specializes in building community through resilience-based programming.  Whether it's virtual or on-site, our facilitators empower & inspire your team to build healthy, supportive cultures.  Make an investment in the health & wellness of your organization with one of our workshops and watch the magic happen.

Popular Workshops

Our Most Popular Workshops

Now, more than ever, our workplaces, teams, and clubs are an integral part of our wellness support system.  Our workshops work with the needs of your group to create a culture of support, positive mindset & teamwork.

Contact us. We will work with you to choose workshop topics that will enrich & empower your team.

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How To Find 62 Extra Hours in Your Week!

Easy and Effective Time Management Strategies That Work!

  • Are you reaching the end of the week and wondering where all your time was spent?

  • Are you stressed out about being busy and looking for relief?

  • Learn where you already have 62 extra hours in your week with 1 simple activity.

  • How to easily and naturally shift your mindset around time, stress and your relationship with your SELF.

  • Be more productive, be less stressed and easily find joy.

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How to be Open to Change

Become more receptive to changes so you can be open to new experiences and opportunities.

  • How to use adversity and challenge to build personal capacity and resilience.

  • The science behind why the human brain doesn't like change and what you can do about it.

  • How resistance to change can foster imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and strategies to overcome these feelings.

  • Effective strategies to easily adapt to change while building individual confidence and supportive team cultures.

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How to be Productively Positive

Reframing your brain towards positive action and healthy habits.

  • Understand the difference between using positivity to avoid (toxic positivity) and productive positivity.

  • Train your brain through mindset shifting to break unhealthy behaviour and form healthier habits.

  • Learn 5 daily habits that take less than 10 minutes and create realistic positive change in your inner monologue and self-esteem.

  • Walk away from this workshop with all the skills you need to easily create daily habits of positive mindsets, actions, attitudes and behaviours. 

Other Available Workshops

  • Learn to Burn!  How to fit a 1-hour workout into 10 minutes. Strategies to create a fitness challenge club in the workplace or community. 

  •  There is No Such Thing as Multi-tasking. The science behind brain productivity.  How to be present, stop frantic work habits and be more effective.

  • The Power of Letting Go. How to let go of the past, be kind to yourself so you can move forward and live without guilt and regret.

  • Brain Fitness.  Optimize brain potential, reduce stress, increase brain agility.

  • How To Set Goals That You Actually Achieve! Forget the SMART goal.  This new technique uses brain science that will tap into your brain to create motivation so you will take action and succeed! 

  • 5 Simple Ways to Successfully Reset Your Wellness. Simple strategies to reset your physical, emotional and brain health.

  • How to Overcome Overwhelm and Prevent Burnout.  Learn how to reprogram burnout effectively and create healthy boundaries and habits to live with less stress and more joy.



Employee Experience

Victoria's workshops are engaging, motivational, and extremely knowledgeable. We all walked away with techniques to use in our every day life and she really helped us look at stress and burnout in a new light. I would highly recommend her to any business that has staff struggling with burnout or stress.


Human Resources

With so much wellness information out there today it is hard to figure out what is real or fake and to just make sense of it all.  Victoria's sessions help simplify everything so that I can make better life choices I am confident about.


Founding Partner

I've always known Victoria is great, but I've come to see her as one of the
most talented programmers I know.  I've had the chance to watch her design and
deliver many thoughtful and inspiring programs, both for individuals and groups. Her passion and vision for helping participants find a love for wellness and feel empowered in community is strong and clear.

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