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Worry-Free & Joyful Living 1:1 Coaching Package

What we will learn together in the 4-month package: 

  • Discover the sources of your overwhelm, worry, and the personal conditioning you have that may be preventing you from moving forward.

  • Identify and deepen your knowledge about what is holding you back. Define your boundaries, needs, and wants and how to effectively communicate them in your relationships.

  • Get Clear on your relationship with your SELF and make the changes you need to heal.  Set goals and intentions that are realistic and plan for them to come true. 

  • Build a 4-month action plan that works with you where you are now and over time the experience and changes you are craving will begin to naturally take shape.


How we will put this into action and create real change: 

  • Determine your learning type, and understand how your brain processes emotional information to choose what specific strategies work for you.

  • Condition the way you think and feel to come into better balance.  

  • Create a specialized visualization tailored specifically to your exact goals.  This unique tool will plant a seed in your brain so that your desired habits and thought patterns become natural to you.  Your subconscious brain will work in the background to guide you towards the actions, attitudes, habits, and behaviours you desire. 

  • Integrate realistic tools and strategies into your daily life, based on your individual needs.  Tools may include simple movement, food, breath work, and mindset strategies. Plus FUN!

  • Experience genuine care, support, and connection while on your journey. 

  • Enjoy a little bit of magic along the way.

If something deep down inside you is connecting to what you are reading sign up below for a FREE 30-minute chat with Victoria.  Ask questions and see if this program is the right fit for you!

We respect your privacy and endeavor to create a safe and confidential space in each 1:1 call and personalized action plan.

Please refer to our code of ethics. 

Upfront pricing. This is a highly individualized program.  There is no cookie-cutter programming here.

Care and skill is involved in working together to develop strategies, and plans and to give you full support on your journey. 

COST:  $2100 CAD + tax  for full 4-month program

*** Payment plans are available***

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