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Wellness Blueprint
1:1 Starter Sessions

Take Action Now!  

Book your session with Victoria and get the results you are craving! 

Book your 1:1 Coaching Sessions and you will: 

  • Identify what is truly holding you back.

  • Get clear on your relationship with your SELF and experience realistic tools and strategies to boost your confidence and melt away your barriers.

  • Create your unique action plan and get on the path to living a life with less stress and better balance that you know you deserve!

We meet on a private ZOOM call for 2 sessions. I’ll have my tea, you get yours, and we'll settle in and do some deep work together.  Let's get to know each other and by the end of the call, we will have discovered what the root cause of your overwhelm and created a blueprint to start removing it so you can live with more peace and satisfaction. 


I cannot wait to speak with you about what is going on for you so we can uncover strategies that easily and naturally work for you!


COST: $197 CAD + tax 

***Once your session is booked you will receive an email with a secure PAYPAL link for payment***

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