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Who Doesn't Love Freebies?!

I am about to share with you a few of my simple techniques that will help put you on the path to reducing stress, and show you that there are enough hours in the day to accomplish your goals and make change. In this FREE mini-lesson, you will learn how to shift your mindset from a limiting inner narrative to an empowering one with this simple and fun activity.

 Let me show you how to find time!

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How Does My Mindset Affect My Life?

Our mindset is a powerful thing. It can subconsciously work for and against us based on the quality of our thoughts. Sometimes, we act with a negative mindset and aren't even aware of how it ripples into our daily lives. Shifting this mindset to an empowering one, can unlock a powerful strength to help us accomplish our goals and live the lives we know we deserve. Now let me show you, how to change your negative mindset from one that tells you you "don't have time" to one that tells you, you have all the time in the world.

Discover Your Hidden Time - Watch this Video!

What Does My Subconscious Have To Do With It?

When you have a paper cut, do you think about healing it 24 hours a day until it is healed?  No!  Your brain and your body work together to do the work for you - and it is done! The amazing thing about the subconscious brain is that, like a seed, when we plant an idea, it grows in our subconscious and unknowingly guides us to make decisions and take action towards our goals. Now that you know this - let me teach you a technique that will allow you to start consciously planting positive seeds to remind yourself that you do have enough time in the day to make change.

Planting the Seed

There are many​ techniques that can help us shift ourselves into a positive mindset, but I promised you a technique that was simple and fun - here is one of my favourite strategies for encoding positive messages into our subconscious brains by drawing and colouring:

  • A study in the Journal of Experimental Aging Research, shows that when we draw and use colour, it has greater encoding benefits in the brain than typing or writing. As we age, the the frontal lobe, which is responsible for processing and retaining information through writing, deteriorates more quickly. When we draw and use color, this information is processed through the occipital lobe, which retains information and memory significantly longer, as this part of the brain ages more slowly.

  • The subconscious brain is ultimately the master of how we interpret and interact with our world.  All we have to do is plant the idea and it will do the work for us!

  • Colouring and drawing with a purposeful message is the new meditation.

Ok, So How Do I Do This?

1. Watch the video below to learn more about this method.

2. Download and color the PDF below to start planting your positive seed.

3. Put your beautiful creation somewhere where you will see it often. When you glance at it, feel good that you are watering the seed you have planted.

4. Let your subconscious do the work!

That Was Awesome - What's Next?

If this tool was useful to you and you want to learn more, I’ve got two more free opportunities below!

Get Free Access to my Full Online Course "Time Takes Time"

This course builds upon what you’ve learned here today.

My "Time Takes Time" course guides you to reframe your relationship in order to find the time you need to work on yourself and start regenerating your life.

This course is taught through the Recreo online education platform Teachable. Click the button below to enroll and you will be able to select the TIME TAKES TIME for FREE once inside. 

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If you are motivated, ready to dig deeper and make the changes you need so you can live the life you know deep down inside you should be living, coaching could be the right choice for you!  Take this opportunity to get a FREE 30 minute phone session with me to see if we are a right fit to work together and make your awesome life happen! 

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