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Recreo Academy Courses

Welcome to the world of self-care, self-love and personal growth!

Put your learning cap on and prepare to reframe your brain, shift your mindset and replace negative habits with healthy ones. No matter where you’re starting from or what you want to focus on, there is a program, course, or resource that was designed especially with you in mind.

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1 Month Total

Wellness Re-set

Press Re-set with this comprehensive wellness reboot

  •  Learn how to stay moving, re-frame your mindset, curb sugar cravings and live joyfully.

  • 15 min at-home workouts that burn 350+ calories.

  • Change thought patterns to reduce stress and build confidence.

  •  Track your success with our downloadable journal.

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Overcoming Overwhelm

It's Your Time

Strategies to manage your time so you can manage your stress

  • Shift your mindset around time, stress and your relationship with yourself

  • Get control of general unproductiveness

  • Simple strategies to program your brain to feel satisfied, happy and less stressed.

  • Take back control of your time and live more fully

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Time Takes Time

4 Days of reshaping your relationship with time

  • This FREE course will help you understand where your time is going and how to make the most of it.

  • Learn how to make space for your goals and what makes you happy.

  • Reduce stress, anxiety and increase productivity.

Power of Positivity Project

Reprogramming Burnout

How to take life back from overwhelm, support better emotional health and create more joy!

Course Overview

  • Our most in-depth program with live access to Victoria.  This course is EVERYTHING!

  • This course is jam-packed with simple strategies and tools that you can easily and naturally incorporate into your life to create healthy habits and change FOR GOOD!

  • Learn the science of how the brain reacts to stress, emotions and creates overwhelm.

  • Get a deep understanding of how the stressors in your life and how you can easily influence your actions attitudes and behaviours to create the change your need to have peace and thrive.

  • Learn how to decrease stress and understand the causes of overwhelm by reframing your mindset to reprogram your brain and thought patterns.

  • Learn how to reprogram your inner critic, prioritize your time, and set intentions so that you can manage stress better and build more joy into your life.

  • Lifetime access to a community of humans who are making a positive change & getting healthy with you.

  • Get ready for massive shifts, positive change, and a little bit of magic to happen in your life!

  • Be the healthy, powerful, calm, and happy person you always knew you could be.

  • It’s deep and powerful work and it’s so much fun!

What to Expect

The Reprogramming Burnout Course is a 6-week online course taught exclusively by Victoria Muir-Burcea, Mindset Coach, Health, Wellness and Manifestation expert, and Founder of Recreo. This course is intentionally designed to give you the best of the best when it comes to decreasing stress and causes of overwhelm by reframing your brain. This course will help you shift your habits and mindsets with results-driven strategies.

Rather than throwing a ton of overwhelming material at you, Victoria teaches you ONLY what you need to know and the science behind the tools, so you know why and how it works. It's simple, easy-to-digest, and taught using modern-day language. This is THE COURSE that will build confidence, shift negative mindsets and help you form healthy habits and self love that LASTS.

Each module is taught live, then recorded and accessed via a student-only portal every single week for 6 weeks. The course includes a journal with all the necessary worksheets, strategies and tools. You will also have access to Q&A groups with Victoria done via livestream in a closed Facebook group once per-week. This is your opportunity to have live access to Victoria and have your burning questions answered. The best part is - all recordings are sent out to members of the course via email so you can re-visit them at anytime! Lifetime access to every module is given to members at the end of the 6-week course, along with all of the bonuses that are revealed when you -->

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