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Exclusive Free Training!

How to reprogram your brain to handle stress and increase your happiness and success

I am about to share with you some incredible information that will help you start reducing stress and take control over your happiness - NOW.  In this FREE training, you will learn the science behind how your brain & body work against you in times of stress and what you can do about it.  Learn real strategies to reprogram your subconscious brain to be wired automatically to handle any type of stress and make choices that prioritize your health & happiness.

 Let me show you how to reprogram for happiness and success!

My Story

What to Expect in this FREE Training

Walk away with incredible tools that can change your stress habits right away! 

There is no catch and this training is absolutely FREE.  We don't even need your email address. You're one click away from taking the first steps to positive change - what do you have to lose? 

Learn why you keep slipping back into old habits and why you need to create your own unique stress reducing, happiness boosting action plan to make healthy habits stay for GOOD. 

Realistic techniques and science-based strategies to reduce stress and increase joy, that you can use right now. 

The secret technique, I used with my clients, to build 62 extra hours into your week and sleep 8 hours a night.  It's easy and it's fun!

Still Not Ready?


Victoria's Story

Need More Proof?

From the outside, my life looked perfect. I was working in a career that paid me well, married to my amazing and supportive husband, competing and winning at an elite and international level in coxing rowing and winning awards for my work with communities and clients.  I checked all the right boxes, I was young, successful and thriving.


But I had a secret.  I was struggling with self- doubt and anxiety. I worried about my health and constantly felt overwhelmed with no time for happiness. I struggled alone because I was afraid that if I didn’t keep up my ‘perfect life’ and ‘perfect persona’ I would be judged and I would been seen as weak. I was sure no one would understand. I was living in a state of anxiety, overwhelm and anger everyday and I didn’t even recognize it. I was suffering from burnout. 

I had a choice - keep repeating the same patterns & habits and get the same results in my life OR get real & honest with myself, learn how to create positive change in my life and become healthier, happier and feel free for GOOD.  It was scary, but I'm so glad I invested in myself. 


So, how did I do it? I got a personal coach, I reached out to mentors, friends, and community online and in my circle.  I tapped into my roots from my Bachelor's in degree in health, and my experience being a health coach to learn the WHY and the HOW of what was happening to me, my body and my brain.  I learned how the brain works around negative pathways, the science and biology behind stress and burnout, and techniques that actually work to train the brain for happiness and freedom. 

With all of this amazing knowledge and support, I learned how important it is to have a healthy mindfulness practice.  I created my own personal happiness action plan, with realistic (and fun) techniques that guide me, everyday, to experience inner confidence and joy in my life. 

Today I feel empowered because I have the knowledge and the ability to regenerate and recreate my life on my terms. I’m living life with joy and strength in way that I never thought was possible. The path is not always clear but now I have the tools to navigate the journey with joy and freedom.  If I can do it... anyone can.  I'm inspired to share what I know and show you that you can do this too.

I am now working as a certified life, mindset and body coach and I've won awards for my work in community recreation and health coaching.   Now, I help 'busy' women to prevent burnout and find alignment with my coaching company RECREO and my Reprogramming for Happiness and Success Programs!


The cost of my programs and coaching run from $500-$5000.  But I'm giving this training away for free and I'm going to teach you the exact techniques I use with my private clients and in my signature courses.  There is no catch. I don't want your email first.  It's totally free.  When you click the button below you will go directly to the training!  Grab this opportunity now before it's taken offline in the next few days. 

my story 2

Our Happy Clients

See what people are saying about Recreo and how Victoria helped them achieve personal

health and happiness using these tools and offerings.


Laura Bennett

Head Archivist, UC of C

Reprogramming for Positivity Accelerated Online Course Graduate

This program is a MUST.

Victoria excels at creating an atmosphere that encourages real work and fun, while learning about yourself.  I've learned something I can use on a daily basis and I LOVE IT! 


Katherine Hensel

Founder Hensel Barristers, Principal Lawyer

Reprogramming for Positivity Coaching Program Graduate

Victoria's Recreo programs changed my life. I am living a fuller life and I feel like I'm embodying my true self. I can't say enough good things about her knowledge, process and positive energy.


Allison Young

H/R Consultant

Free Training Participant

With so much wellness information out there today it is hard to figure out what is real or fake and to just make sense of it all.  Victoria's sessions help simplify everything so that I can make better life choices I am confident about.

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